Meet the Artist

Yvonne Dixon is a self taught aboriginal artist from Vancouver Island with Native ancestry in the Okanagan Valley. She currently resides with her husband and four daughters in Calgary, Alberta. She paints in her home studio and has a camera in hand wherever she travels.

Her passion for art started at a young age and continued in to her early 20’s before getting married and having a family. Inspiration in early years came from watching art programs and classes taken throughout school.

At the age of 24 and with two babies aged six months and two years her and her husband Chris began the journey to adopt their two nieces. With four girls under the age of three her priorities shifted to raising these four beautiful girls. Since the girls all started school Yvonne has used the opportunity to get back to her passion of painting. She loves creating unique artwork with inspiration from her first nations heritage, travel and the amazing scenery in both Alberta and British Columbia. Long Sunday drives and a passion for the outdoors especially influence her landscapes.

Yvonne started painting for friends and family before advertising and selling online in 2016. She didn’t realize it would take her on a journey beyond what she could have ever imagined. With an ever-growing list of commissioned paintings shipping all over Canada and the United States she feels so blessed and fortunate to be able to work towards building a business and beautiful life for their family.

Giving Back

Yvonne’s big heart goes beyond her family.  She supports Amnesty International Canada to assist with missing Aboriginal women in Canada. She also donates to Plan Canada and the “Because I’m a Girl” initiative as well as the Red Cross for disaster relief.

“I believe it is so important to teach our children about giving back to those in need and helping them to appreciate how fortunate we are to live where we do.”